What To Expect

Expect To Feel Welcome

Please join us as we worship on Sunday Evening. Our heart is to be casual and real. As you come in, please take the opportunity to have some fresh coffee and treats as you are settling into your seat.

Expect Children to be Welcome

Children are welcome and embraced at Anchor City Church. We have an amazing Kingdom Kids program for ages 4-12, a nursery for ages 1-3 and an area for nursing moms.

Expect Lively Sunday Evening Worship

A love of music runs very deep in our Maritime culture and music is one of the expressions of worship to God we love to tap into. Feel free to join in. We expect Jesus to speak to us in ways we can understand and He does. We also believe that Jesus speaks to all of us. If you believe God has given you a word to share, or if you have a testimony or a prayer request, we want to hear it! Feel free to bring it up to someone in the front row and we will facilitate working that into the meeting.

Expect to Hear Biblical Teaching

Expect that what is shared from the Word of God during the sermon will be engaging, relevant, done in humility and most importantly, to have a positive impact on your life. We trust the Holy Spirit to speak deeply to our hearts as we open the Bible to walk through God’s truth together. We believe there is no other guide to life and we treat the Bible as having final authority in all issues of life.

Expect a Casual Environment

We see ourselves as friends and family, so we behave accordingly. Expect our dress to be casual and laid back and the atmosphere is fun, relaxed and welcoming. We are not focused on titles and religious activity. Instead, we are focused on the love and leadership of Jesus Christ in our lives and desire to share the life-changing freedom that brings with each other and our city.